About us

Pride in Publishing was established in 2017 by Maisie Lawrence, Wei Ming Kam, Eishar Brar, Louie Stowell, Kate Davies, Nicky Borasinski and Linas Alsenas. It aims to operate as a safe place for LGBTQ+ people working in the book industry to socialise, and as a way to advance the representation of LGBTQ+ people in publishing, both as writers and publishing professionals.

Our network now consists of over 150 people, including agents, booksellers and publishers from across the the big five publishing houses as well as independent presses and freelancers.

Since we started, our focus has been on slowly growing our network, helping queer colleagues across the industry to connect with each other and find fellowship. As we move forward from this year, we have ambitions to use Pride in Publishing more for advocacy across publishing. If you’d like to discuss any issues or opportunities, please email us: prideinpublishinguk@gmail.com.

Who we are

Pride in Publishing is co-chaired by Nick Coveney and Zainab Juma
Our social media channels are run by Charlie Morris and Becca Wright
Our newsletter is compiled and sent by Jenn Thompson
Our logo was designed by ChloƩ Tartinville
Events are arranged by a rolling roster of members which includes Louie Stowell, Linas Alsenas, Wei Ming Kam, Karen Lawler and Hamza Jahanzeb

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